What is the story?

With the mission of wishing good night to a child, a dodo, a panda and a giant turtle, set off in search of clues that will allow them to find him. Is it a girl or a boy? Are its eyes blue, brown or green? And what color is his or her hair? To find out, our three friends will talk to legendary creatures who, page after page, will reveal the child's physical characteristics.

What age group is the book aimed at?

The book is designed for preschool children aged 2 to 6.

What is the educational aspect of the book?

During the story, the child learns to become familiar with the different physical characteristics of his person while becoming aware of what differentiates him from other children and what therefore makes him unique in the eyes of those around him.

What is the size of the book?

The book measures 8 in X 8 in.

What are the cover options?

The cover is flexible by default. But for a few more dollars, you can get a hardcover that's more rugged against energetic little hands!

Can I get the book in another language?

English and French at the moment, but Spanish is schedule for later this year. Please keep follow us on Facebook to learn about new products/language releases !