What are the benefits of personalized books for children?

If there is a perfect stage to get children into the reading habit, it is the early childhood stage. Many wonder at what age children should be introduced to the stories told in books. One might think that as babies, they don't have the attention span that a story requires. However, even though it may seem that babies are too young to understand children's stories, the truth is that they are ready for it; in fact, reading stories to babies from birth is an action that brings them great benefits, and that increases when it is a personalized book.

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Illustrations in personalized baby books

Usually, in personalized books, the main character of the story is the child for whom the book is intended. To represent him, the creators of the book use illustrations; in this way, the main character of the story has the same physical characteristics as your child, and adopts any expression: fear, joy, sadness... It is precisely these illustrations that help your toddler identify emotions and express them.

In addition, the illustrations allow you to work on abstraction in a playful way, which favors the development of baby's thinking.

Reading improves brain activity in children

Studies conducted by scientists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the U.S. using magnetic resonance imaging have shown that children between the ages of three and five who have been exposed to reading since the first few months of life have different brain activity when they listen to a story than children whose parents do not read to them.

Reading reassures babies

Have you ever wondered why parents sing to babies? It's because of the effect their parents' voices have on them. In the first few months of life, babies need to feel protected, and the body warmth and voice of their parents help calm them down.

When you read a story to a baby, your voice has the same effect as singing a lullaby: it soothes the baby! And if you sing every sentence of the characters in the story, you'll capture your baby's attention and put him at ease. In addition to sharing a moment that will help strengthen their emotional bond, your baby will experience a sense of relaxation. This is the state that makes babies want to sleep.

In a world where children live surrounded by technology, it is important to encourage the habit of reading in them, and what better way than to do so from the first months of their life with a personalized book. If you decide to acquire a personalized story to read to your baby, you will find that you will only benefit, as you will create a contact with your child's emotional channel through a story full of beautiful illustrations, positive attributes and, most importantly, moral values.

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